Amazing Garden Tools to Try RIGHT NOW!

Amazing Garden Tools to Try RIGHT NOW!

Is there a garden chore you just hate? What is the best way to get through it? For me, it’s having the right garden tools for the right job! I know I could not live without my knee pad and my gloves. I have super nice gloves that fit well and are sturdy. That would be the number one thing I would recommend getting the best you can afford. You get what you pay for. 

Amazing Garden Tools to Try RIGHT NOW!

Garden tools

I asked a bunch of gardening friends what they can’t live without in the garden and here were there top answers:

Tiller (Someone mentioned a 4-wheel drive one that digs 10 inches deep)

A tiller is a great tool to break up hard soil and get air into the ground. It also helps chop up roots and kill weeds.

Good shovel

A good shovel is one of the most indispensable garden tools. When buying any garden tool, including shovels, make sure you get quality products so you won’t have to keep buying them over and over again. Take good care of your tools too. Keep them out of the weather. Keep your tools clean and sharp and they will last a lot longer and perform a lot better.

Shovels can be used for moving materials, digging hard soil, mixing fertilizers and nutrients into the soil, and so many other things.

Check out how I garden with very young kids here. 

Quality tools make all the difference

Amazing Garden Tools to Try RIGHT NOW!

Small garden shovel (I love my small shovel, we call it the girly shovel, but it helps me get into smaller places and helps me do more work because I can lift the load it picks up easier.)

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Small Mattock

A mattock is one of the most versatile hand garden tools used for digging and chopping. It’s similar to a pickax. It has a long handle and a heavy head that has an ax blade on one side (similar to an ax blade but facing side to side instead of up and down) and a pick on the other. Many people remarked of having a really small mattock that was indispensable in their gardens. I’m going to have to get one for myself!

Hoe (including scuffle hoe) Best for weeding between rows. Scuffle hoe is triangular shaped for undercutting weeds.

Each garden needs a specific tool

Four prong fork (I would agree with this for sure) Like a pitch fork but with flat ends. Forks are good for turning, digging and loosening all types of soil. It can also be used to transfer loose material. I love to use my fork to dig potatoes and sweet potatoes as well.


A claw is one of the garden tools I don’t have. Place your claw in any soil, and turn the handle to easily cultivate packed soil. It cultivates, looses, aerates, and weeds.

Garden Bandit

A bandit is a tool with a curved stainless steel blade that slices through even the toughest soil.

Tools to move materials in the garden

Rolling cart

A cart is another one of the most indispensable garden tools I own. I use it for so many things. Taking things in and out of the garden takes time and you can use a lot less energy if you put all your seedlings in the cart and carry them all at once or haul your bales of straw into the garden so you don’t have to carry them with your hands. It’s good for innumerable things! Even a kid’s wagon will work for this.

Amazing Garden Tools to Try RIGHT NOW!


You get what you pay for. If you buy cheap hoses, you have to re-buy them constantly. I hate replacing expensive items when you can spend just a few dollars more to get some that will last for years and years instead of just one year. Quality really does make a difference in all the things you use in the garden.

Get your garden tools in order because garden season is on the way. What is your favorite garden tool? Click here to see some of the benefits of gardening.

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Amazing Garden Tools to Try RIGHT NOW!


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  1. Robin says:

    Ah! I totally need a tiller and a claw for next year! Tilling huge areas of soil that’s never been tilled before and has grass with deep roots is the WORST – would absolutely love to skip that exhausting process next year!

  2. Kayla says:

    Quality tools definitely make all the difference! Thanks for this awesome list!

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