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Summer Party Fun

There are a ton of fun parties you can have with your daycare kids without breaking the bank. I like to keep a party as simple as possible to cut down on waste for the environment AND hassle for me. Kids will have just as much fun with a pack of side walk chalk and some homemade popsicles.

When I need supplies for my daycare parties, I always turn to Oriental Trading Company because I know they will have what I can afford. I can order it quick and have supplies for the whole summer. They have tons of cool stuff for any party and plenty of fun party favors for the kids to have a treat to take home.

watercolor relief art for preschool

We have several parties planned at Little Sprouts this summer. We have had an art party and a water party already, but we have more coming up. Click here to see how to throw a fun art party. Oriental has tons of cool art supplies for your little artists to enjoy.  

water day fun in the sprinkler

We have more water parties on the agenda. I love to give the kids bubbles. (I zip tie the bottle of bubbles to the chain link fence to keep them from dumping them all out the time). I love to have reusable water guns too. We are not supposed to have toy weapons at daycare, but Oriental has tons of water squirters that aren’t shaped like guns. They have sharks, ladybugs, even lemons.

For our last water party, we made homemade, fresh squeezed lemonade and froze it in reusable popsicle containers. They were delish. Along with some cubed up watermelon, they kept the kids hydrated while we played outside for hours. You could make a lemonade theme for your water party. Oriental has a ton of fun lemon themed things. So fun.

teddy bear picnic plates

We are planning a teddy bear picnic for friendship week. Click here to see our last one. All the kids will bring their favorite stuffed animal to eat with them and we will have a picnic outside. I could even get little teddies to send home with each child. We could do a luau themed teddy bear picnic. I could have leis and grass skirts for the kids to wear. The possibilities are endless! 

At the end of summer at Little Sprouts, we are going to have a back to school bash. We are going to have bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and fun games and puzzles. I spotted some fun back to school pencils to send with my kids who are leaving me for school this year. I’m going to grab a pack of those.

Don’t forget what’s coming up at the end of summer this year, the Olympics! We are going to have our own mini Olympics here to celebrate just like we do every time the summer Olympic games are played. We can get US Flags AND multi country flag decorations from Oriental. I am planning to teach the kids a ton about colors by using all the colorful flags from all the countries. I’m going to talk to them about our country and what it means to live here while we celebrate the games. This is a great opportunity to teach them about getting along, cooperation, sportsmanship, friendship and so many other things the games are about.

We are going to get red and blue star shaped bubble necklaces, red white and blue everything for our USA team to use in our Summer Olympics. It’s one of my favorite things to do and I cannot WAIT until August when we get to do it. I love watching the Olympics, I love playing games like them, I LOVE everything about them. I love passing that on to my kids. We will come up with some games to compete in so keep your eye on the blog to see the post about our Little Sprouts Olympic games. We are going to have gold medals we can get from Oriental as well. How much more fun could that be! USA, USA, USA!

This suggestion is based strictly on my opinion. I will receive products free of charge by the company to provide my suggestions. No other type of compensation was received. All ideas and opinions are my own. I do regularly buy from Oriental.  

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Summer Party Fun