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How to Save Time and Money Making Slow Cooker Meals

How to Save Time and Money Making Slow Cooker Meals

Do you hate getting home and needing something for dinner fast? Using the slow cooker can save you time and money. Having dinner ready when you get home from work is awesome. Not having to stand over a skillet or pan is a great time saver. When dinner is already ready, there is much less temptation to eat unhealthy fast food and blow your family’s budget.

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Boom! Make your own Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Pennies

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with Wonder Woman.  Watching her on tv as a little girl, I wanted to be strong and smart like her and save the day.  I would go down to our basement and put on my bathing suit (that’s what I thought her costume was) and my roller skates so I could spin like her, and pretend to get the bad guys for hours.  One of my favorite memories.  I LOVE Wonder Woman!

Time with good friends

A few weeks ago, I saw these ornaments on Pinterest. They were so cute so I pinned them.  A few days later I got a text from my friend Sharica saying she saw my pin and asking me to hang out and make them with her.  I told her of my less than stellar painting skills.  She told me I could do it and it would be easy.  🙂  Oh Sharica, I really can’t paint.  But we made the date.

She came over with all the paints and some of her own style of clothes pins and drew a few designs on them with pencil for me to paint from.  We got a few pictures off the internet for details. 

First we painted the main colors, then we painted the accent colors and the details were last.  Later we glued some ribbons to the back for hangers. It was so much fun to paint some childhood heroes.  She helped with the details I couldn’t paint.  But more than that, she encouraged me to give it my best try.  I ended up having the best time ever.  Good friends are a rare treasure in this world.  I don’t take them for granted!

Simple crafts are great fun at Christmas time.

When my kids saw these the next day, they were super excited and they can’t wait to put them up on our tree. 

ornament making party


superhero ornaments

superhero fun

I think they turned out adorably. 

superhero ornament making

Can you tell what all of them are?

homemade hulk ornaments


making homemade superhero ornaments

hulk ornament

Mr. Kent got some of his favorite.  Here’s a muscle shot to make your day. 

wonder woman ornaments

But the Wonder Woman ones were the best.  I thought about what an awesome role model she was for me as a little girl in a world dominated by strong male influence.

Paint your own ornaments.

If you don’t want to paint some very cool ornaments, plan to get together with some friends and have some fun anyway.  It’s a great way to break up the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and just have some fun. 

What super fun ornaments have you made with your peeps?

Don’t forget to pin for later.


Easy, Inexpensive Taco Soup that Kids LOVE!

One of my kid’s FAVORITE meals is taco soup.  They love it!  I love it too, but it’s also very economical to make.  It’s an easy make ahead that uses your crock pot for convenience and doesn’t heat the house up. 

You can make this soup with canned ingredients, but you will be amazed at how much better it tastes when you make it this way. 

The morning before I’m going to serve the soup, I put a pound of beans in my crockpot to soak.  I use kidney beans, pinto beans, or black beans.  They are all delicious but our favorite is black beans.  You can also mix your beans.  Use whatever you like.  The difference between cooking your own beans or using canned make a great flavor difference and a huge difference in your wallet! 

In the evening, after the beans have soaked for about 8 hours, I rinse them well and refill the crock pot with water.  I add a packet of homemade taco seasoning mix, and turn the crock pot on high.  I cook the beans all night, in the morning they are tender and flavorful and the house smells amazing.


At this point, I add a bag of frozen homemade rotel, and a bag of frozen corn that I shucked and cut off the cob earlier in the summer.  Frozen corn, even if it’s store bought is much better tasting than canned in this recipe as well.  You certainly can’t go wrong with home grown rotel either, but canned works. 

homemade rotel for the freezer

Add about a teaspoon of salt (no salt has been added to the beans yet), and a package of ranch dip mix.  I make mine homemade as well so I can avoid chemicals found in store bought seasonings.  Cook on high until lunch time! 

You can brown up some meat to add as well, but we usually don’t put meat in ours.  This is one of the tastiest soups I make.  Delicious! 


Garnish it with some sour cream, shredded cheddar and a few chips.  I like mine crumbled up. 

What are your kid’s favorite meals?