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My Calling…How It All Began

I totally believe I was called by God to do family childcare. I totally believe it is my full time ministry. I was born for it and my whole life has been preparing me. I don’t love every moment of every day, but I love getting to do what I do. It’s priceless to love what you do AND to know that it matters.

How did it all start? When we moved here so my husband could do an internship, we didn’t know a single soul. The only person we had met was the manager of the apartments we rented. I had a very uneasy feeling about putting our 2 year old in childcare with no word of mouth knowledge to go by. Before we moved, she was in an excellent child care home with a woman who loved her deeply. I couldn’t have asked for more! But here, I didn’t have a guarantee of that in a sea of total strangers. I decided I would stay home with her at least until we found some friends and learned about the area. It’s better to be poor than have something to happen to your child. I am so glad that I made that decision.

A couple months after we moved in, the neighbor who lived above us came down for a visit. She had just had a baby. She invited Kayla and me to go on walks with her and the baby, and we became friends. A few months later she was preparing to go back to work. Her boy was 6 months old. When she got hired for a job she asked me if I would watch him. I said sure I would, and the rest is history.

At the end of our year lease in the apartments, we were ready to find a house to rent. We moved to the other side of town and my little charge started coming over there. A co-worker of this mom was given custody of her two granddaughters and needed care for them so I took them as well.

I found out I needed a state license to watch even one child, so I began the process of getting licensed. I had been advised by a family member that a license is not required unless you keep more than five children. This is not the case.

A few months into having my licensed daycare, I had a light bulb moment. I realized there was nothing more important I could do with my life than provide my very best for these kids. Each day I gave my best for them, but now I had the resolve to learn what would be most beneficial for their development. I set out on my path to get my Child Development Associate Credential.

When I was young I had a painfully low self-esteem. I am not the most confident person ever, but in my younger years I didn’t even feel worthy to be on the planet living among all the valuable people. It’s sad, but true. I honestly never saw my gifts. I just thought I was a regular old Joe with nothing special to offer. We all have gifts and they are different for each person. We should celebrate them. I didn’t think I was special because I wasn’t like others I saw.

When I began the licensing process my worker went on about how special I was. I just thought she said that to everyone. Then during the multiple observations for the CDA process, my first observer told me she had never met anyone like me before. She was amazed. She wrote about it in my observation evaluation. Little by little as I met new parents and new workers and new observers, I began to see they were all saying the same thing. I was born for this job.

The more I realize that truth, the harder I tried to be my very best. I’m not perfect. I’m not the best. I’m just me and that’s a unique gift for the people in my life. I KNOW there is nothing more important I could possibly do with my life than care for kids. Most people search their whole life to find their calling. I am blessed. And it drives me each day to find the absolute best things I can do for my kids to give them the best start they can have!
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how my calling began
Share below in the comments about how you got involved with kids or how you found your calling. I can’t wait to read about it.

How to Find Peace in the Garden

The kids come back tomorrow. I’ve been off work for a 17 day vacation, the longest I’ve ever been off in my life. Today is Memorial Day, so my mind is full of the chaos in my life right now and my great appreciation for those who gave their lives for my freedom.

I’ve been home from our trip for 5 days and I’ve gone out each morning to make some progress on the encroaching weeds that tried to take over while we were gone. But today is different. Today it’s not hot. Today I’m not rushed. Today I stop to discover the amazingness that is the garden and I remember why I love it here. I remember what I’m growing it for.

To check out an article about what research has discovered about the mental health benefits of gardening, click here.

peace in the garden

And I remember the joy I find here. I know there are a load of radishes that need to be picked, but I’m waiting for tomorrow so the kids can pick them. I know they’ll be so excited. I also notice several crowns of broccoli at the ready so I’m imagining broccoli and radishes as side dishes for lunch tomorrow. They will love that. It’s also cheese quesadilla day and my cheese quesadillas are world famous in the daycare set around here. So lunch is planned and everyone will love it. I miss my kids. I miss their smiles and their faces and their personalities. Caring for kids is what I was born for and it makes my soul complete.

As I’m making my way from weed to weed and thinking about the seed heads of grass that are hanging over my beds in the fence line, quickly drying out and getting ready to spill their pretty little seeds into my dirt so they can grow. It feels like they are trying to get me. But I stop thinking about the satisfaction their extinction would bring to me and instead look at the progress that my little garden has made even in these last 5 days.

I notice that squashes are flowering, tomato plants have baby fruits on them, and my flowers are starting to flower. I have missed the wonder of this when I could only see the big picture and all the work there was to be done. So I stop weeding and sit down.

My cat walks over and brushes against me with quiet tenderness. She calms me even more. I stop to listen to the soft breeze that is blowing through the leaves, and I hear the cooing of a dove in the trees across the way. And my soul starts to hear what the garden is saying. Listen it says, just listen. Within a minute or two I hear the voice of God whispering quietly in my soul. Tears come to my eyes. Questions I’ve been asking God are being answered. Peace washes over me. I am comforted.   I notice myself breathing deeper and more slowly. I notice my senses more as the worry that dulls them fades away. There are some HUGE changes going on in my life right now and frankly they are terrifying, but I know one thing is truer than true. God loves me and He has my back. He’s holding my hand. He’s walking with me. And He has a plan for something good for me.

He’s a good God and as I tell Him that in my heart, the blue heron that lives along the creek flies right over the top of my head about 10 feet above. It’s a wink from my Savior letting me know that He loves me. And that everything is going to be okay.