Links Oklahoma Childcare Providers Need

Links Oklahoma Childcare Providers Need

Are you an Oklahoma childcare provider who needs help navigating all this paperwork? There are always a million forms and where in the heck they are is the question of the day. This post is for you! Hopefully, everything you need is here so you won’t have to search all over the place to find them.

If you need help navigating the new requirements for 2017, click here for a step by step guide. I hope it can help you. 

The new health and safety video is here

Links Oklahoma Childcare Providers Need, contracts and policies

Oklahoma Childcare Licensing

The request for licensing form is not online, you need to request them in person by calling your local DHS office.

Oklahoma Childcare Licensing Requirements

Licensing Clarifications


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Oklahoma Childcare Enrollment Form Requirements

Minimum Requirements for a child to enroll include:

Child Information Sheet 

Copy of Child’s Shot Records

Website for getting shot records directly, you can sign up and have access to the database. Click here for the form to gain access directly.  

Signed Compliance Form 

Signed Insurance Notice Form

If you use a food program or are going to put the drop in child on the food program you’ll need a Food Program form.

Any time a child requires medication, you’ll need a Medication Permission Form


Links Oklahoma Childcare Providers Need, paperwork for family childcare

Other Required Paperwork for Oklahoma Childcare Providers

DHS Rate Schedule

Oklahoma Childcare Fingerprinting 

Instructions for Fingerprinting

QE Application

QE Addendum

Criminal History Review Request

Joshua List


Personnel Form

Sample Job Descriptions for an Assistant

Training Documentation

Required Postings

Compliance File

Insurance Notification


Oklahoma Childcare Stars Information

Stars Information

Accreditation Information



Oklahoma Childcare Training Information

Training Information

The Registry is where your training records are kept, you can print them off here or just look at them

Professional Development Registry

If you do video training, you’ll need to fill this form out:

Video Training Form

If you’d like a printed copy of all of your training records, you can find that here:

Training Record Request

Are you looking for online training? Several sources are listed here:

CECPD Online Training 

CARE Courses Online Training 


Oklahoma Childcare Information

Childcare Locator

Food Programs Listing

Insurance Providers for Childcare Liability Insurance

Tax Information Including Applying for an EIN

Provider Contract Info

More Information About Contracts and Policies

For more Oklahoma provider information, click here. 

If you find anything that you are missing, please comment so I can add it. I want this to be YOUR resource for any information you need. My goal for the blog is to be a help to anyone trying to provide care for children. I want to encourage you and simplify your life!

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Links Oklahoma Childcare Providers Need

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